CHI-VAC Research & Development Co., Ltd. Mechanical Hand MH-S-C-38 DN-38CF Mechanical Hand MH-S-C-38 DN-38CF.. Product #: MH-S-C-38 based on 0 reviews Preordinare (20 giorni)

Mechanical Hand MH-S-C-38 DN-38CF

Codice del prodotto: MH-S-C-38
Disponibilità: Preordinare (20 giorni)
Prezzo a richiesta: +39 338 6496807

Torque limiting mechanism on pistol grip for extended bellows life and ergonomic positioning
Versatile articulation range of ± 22,5° tilt
Continuous rotation (360°)
Range of Z travels (50-300 mm)
Rigid and stable multi-movement with high tactility and responsiveness
Clamps for rotation and linear movements
Baking temperature: ≤200 °C
Customized design and manufacture

Dimensioni Standard
CF 38
Dimensioni Mechanical Hand
Flangia ICF70
Lunghezza della corsa (mm.) 180
Forma c
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